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Whether you’re a student heading back to school this fall or the parent of one, August brings on a sense of dread—the stress and anxiety of the impending school year is setting in.

Summer is coming to an end, and the stores have been full of back-to-school displays for weeks now. It feels like July 4th festivities were just last week, yet it’s already time to start gearing up for the long school year ahead. For many, it’s impossible to enjoy what remains of the summer when back-to-school anxiety is already stressing them out, which is why we’re going to take a quick look at how supplements for focus and anxiety can help you make the transition and actually enjoy the busy times ahead.

Perhaps with the exception of the holiday season, nothing stresses families out more than the approach of autumn. Whereas the holiday season has a number of silver linings to combat its stressful nature—reconnecting with family, giving and receiving gifts, the whole holiday spirit thing—the back-to-school season has what? Too much homework, too many extracurriculars, and the need for families to adopt a near-military discipline in order to coordinate schedules and accommodate the incredible expectations placed on students and parents alike. No wonder everyone is stressed, anxious and unable to focus on whatever task is in front of them.

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Anxiety Symptoms and Brain Function

The rising pressure for students of all ages to perform well has never been higher. Surveys and studies have shown that more than any generation previous, today’s teens are seeing record levels of anxiety and depression. And while we absolutely recommend talking to your doctor about your mental health, many end up riding the medication roller coaster for years with only a host of side effects for their trouble. One of the most common side effects of prescription medications is daytime somnolence—the strong, persistent desire to sleep. Ever tried to study, focus on a lecture or take an exam when you can’t keep your eyes open? Most students would rather have the anxiety. At least then they have more control over their performance.

But anxiety affects brain function in its own way. Whether it’s social anxiety from sitting in a packed classroom or generalized anxiety due to the tremendous expectations placed on you, the mind often has an incredibly difficult time focusing on anything, let alone tasks designed to challenge the mind. Anxiety and mental cognition are closely related, and having a dietary supplement that addresses both issues may be a solution.

Even for those who find some success with prescription medications, herbal supplements for focus and anxiety may provide additional benefits. After all, they’re called supplements for a reason—they’re meant to supplement the other tools in your anxiety toolbox, to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet, exercise, meditation, therapy and/or medication, among others.


 2018 Pew research survey on causes of teen stress


How Supplements for Focus and Anxiety Can Help You

Supplements like Neuro Plus & Focus, with a robust combination of vitamins, minerals and extracts, provide the ideal formula to boost mental focus, stabilize moods and increase energy levels. Studies have shown that the antioxidant properties of several different vitamins help guard against diminishing brain function.

The ingredient bacopa extract falls under the classification of “nootropics,” cognitive enhancers that improve executive functions, memory, motivation and more. This combination of brain function and mood enhancement has shown significant promise, warranting further case studies to learn more about their efficacy.

Additionally, supplements like Anxiety Control Formula provide those suffering from generalized anxiety symptoms with a specialized blend of herbs designed to increase production of the stress hormone cortisol, which helps you fight stressful situations. And the addition of other all natural herbs like St John’s wort, ashwagandha, valerian root and more have been clinically proven to help reduce stress and anxiety, while also helping to stabilize moods, improving your ability to handle future stress.


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Now is the Ideal Time to Prepare for the New School Year

Just like prescription medications, natural supplements take time to build up in your system before the benefits become apparent. By starting a supplement routine today, you’re ideally situated to be ready for the stressful times ahead.

And always remember, if it ever feels like your anxiety, depression, bipolar, addiction or any other condition is getting too much for you, there are countless resources at your disposal designed to get you the help you need. Kind, compassionate professionals representing numerous organizations and causes are fully equipped to help you when you need it most—all you have to do is click or call.

Check out these fine resources for more information, and remember, you’re not alone:

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

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