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Here is some of the best book reads for July we found from our customers and friends dealing with anxiety. Some Are free with kindle! 


It provides a handful of mental exercises to rewire the brain. Instead of developing techniques to stop panic attacks and anxiety from happening, it teaches you to accept and allow anxiety to happen. This book arms you with approaches such as using humor, a go-for-it attitude, and extreme exaggeration to break the fear cycle.

It makes light of a situation making the panic easier to understand and filled with some actually useful tips. 

Badass ways to stop anxiety attacks.



Zen as F*ck is journalism Is A down-to-earth approach to the uplifting BS found on every mindfulness guru's Instagram page, this filthy-as-f*ck journal enjoys the empowering profanity of You Are a Badass and the beautiful journal package of Start Where You Are. This guided journal lets people get their mindfulness on without all the crap between. A great book and read about getting to the state of mindfulness and dealing with anxiety can benefit. As one person said, "On each and every page, you can give the good around you a warm f cking hug and kick the bad on its ass. Sprinkle, scatter, or set off a glitter-bomb of happy vibes onto your trail of tranquility." 


Hardcore Self Help: F**k Anxiety is for those of us that find the prospect of reading a traditional self help book to be way too boring. How are you supposed to make positive change in your life if the book itself feels like a chore? This book is definitely not a chore. Filled with a strong approach with a humorous approach and a good social anxiety read touching on CBT behavior that helps him get through some days. Free on KINDLE! 

amazon link to fuck anxiety book



Fuck this shit show is perfect  If you find yourself, a friend, a sister, a mother, or anyone is stressed to the max, running from stop to stop, and have just about had enough, we encourage you to grab one of these journals to blow off some steam and find a way to laugh at the stress of everyday life.

We've given this journal to friends and family. We've sat over appetizers and wine and laughed at how insane our lives were...and how this journal just gave us a moment to stop, laugh, jot down our feelings, and move on. In fact, we've seen women's mascara run more than once laughing at the entries, and repeating the mantra. 

This shit show book link for amazon



Kids learn well through repetition, and simple easy to 'get' language. Your children will incorporate the mindful mantra I Can Handle It almost immediately after reading this book! 
In a tough situation, they will think 'I can handle it', and when they are dealing with tough emotions, they will think 'I can handle it!'. 
Even if they aren't saying the words out loud, if they learn and practice this mantra it will become a part of their self-talk.

A great read for you our your loved ones with tons of small mantras that will have you smiling. 

Positive self-talk is incredibly important for improving and maintaining mental health and the mindful mantra books are a way to plant that positivism right into a child's head!

I can handle it anxiety book for kids.

That Concludes the top books for July! Let us know what you think and what book you enjoyed the most. We also will be talking about some adult coloring books for anxiety in the coming months. 


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